Web-Facts About Barry Abshere

I think I'm funny. But one friend told me recently I used to be funnier. She's almost certainly right.

Chances are good that I can tell you more about making naturally-leavened bread than you want to know.

Love to ski. And hike.

I like long walks on the beach. Also in the mountains, or anywhere else I happen to be traveling.

I run. Well, I run and walk. Often, I take pictures. Occasionally, I listen to music or if I'm feeling not-at-all ambitious, podcasts. I'm not too serious about my running, but I do have goals.

I enjoy writing and reading. I love learning, particularly from books, and I love all books except the mildewed. They too have their place -- in the garbage. Here's a few of the books and other material I've found interesting or to be avoided.

Sometimes I get incredibly good project ideas. Some people have bucket lists. I don't. I don't think I'm better than the people who do; I just don't.

I used to do paid work. I still do a little.

A few of the other things I find enjoyable (and a way to use html to do an unordered list):

That's some small portion of me!